My name is Reginald Smith; a self-taught portrait photographer based out of Northwest Florida. I have been a photographer at heart for many years, beginning around the age of fourteen. I began taking photographs of everyday moments and experiences in my life throughout my late teens. 

On August 7, 2011, I was given my first opportunity to capture portraits of my close friends that believed in the vision I had set for my photography. I wanted to set myself apart from everyone else and go beyond the limits of what classified someone as an average photographer. I wanted to be matchless. I worked countless hours perfecting my craft while networking and building relationships with mentors that shaped me into the photographer I am today.

Today, I specialize in wedding, family, and senior portraits. Being able to uniquely capture moments of your life that can't be relived is what I strive for. My goal is to travel around the world and share my passion for photography through my lens.