Many seniors enter their last year of high school with a lackadaisical attitude. Some refer to this attitude as "senioritis," which is a slang word described as a lack of motivation and performance upon entering the twelveth grade. Trust me, I was one of those students a mere three years ago. I distinctly remember the feeling of dread that came when a paper was almost due and the feeling of hope that came when an assembly interrupted a test that I didn't study for. Although I wasn't academically inclined during my years in school, I did cherish a few things that motivated me. My main driving force and motivation has always been photography. Around school, I was involved in anything that included a camera. I would work relentlessly learning new techniques and skills to practice on my friends. I would like every senior that I have the opportunity of photographing this year to know that I understand them and I want to focus on what motivates them. Whether your passion is a sport, hobby, an academic subject, or a magical talent; I want to photograph it. Everything that you want to look back on and cherish, I want to capture it. I don't want you to go through this process alone, talk to your parents and discuss your senior portraits with them, and if they have any additional questions I'd be happy to speak with them. This year is all about you and having photographs to look back on for years to come. That is my purpose for being here- keeping YOU at the center of what I do.